Distribution of active Cosmetic Ingredients

Distribution of active cosmetic ingredients

UBIB acts as exclusive European sales and marketing partner for REB TECHNOLOGY a Chinese manufacturer of innovative and creative cosmetic actives and ingredients.

UBIB has exclusive sub distribution agreements for the products of REB Technology with
Quimidroga for the territories Spain, Portugal, France

Aako for the territories Benelux and Germany

Azelis Italy for the Italiean market

Stockmeier for the polnish territory

Unifect for the territory UK

The following products have been successfully introduced in the EU market by mid of 2022:

Retinaldehyde LipoVes® (Retinaldehyde encapsulated with Liposomes), Bakuchiol, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone.

As of 01.07.2023 UBIB acts as the exclsuive distributor in Switzerland for Salnova and their patented product T-EGF 

For further available products please see our webpage LipoVes®.

If you need any cosmetic or pharmaceutical product do not hesitate to contact us – through our extensive network in this industry we can support.

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